Cycling and walking in the area

Buitenplaats Beekhuizen is a very suitable place wether you are a novice or an expert cyclist or walker. The area offers endless possibilities for beautiful walks and bike rides. Due to its height differences our location is also sought after in order to train for various walking and cycling events. You can find beautiful routes in the area on the website of Natuurmonumenten Nationaal Park Veluwezoom.
There are several hiking routes that start directly from our site and cyclists can also go in every direction from our site. Routes can be purchased at our reception or you can create you very own route.
Cycle route along special nature monuments at the Veluwe
This route is especially for the ones who love nature and variety.
Startingpoint: Bezoekerscentrum Veluwezoom in Rheden. You cycle through four different nature areas: Nationaal Park Veluwezoom, the Deelerwoud, Planken Wambuis and the nature at Wolfheze. Every nature area has its own charm and because of the hills the trip is a nice challenge. During Autumn be sure to pay attention to the sounds around you, if you are lucky you might just hear the belling from the Red Deer. Watch how the sun slowly disappears behind the heather in Summer or experience how nature awakens from its hibernation in Spring.
Herikhuizen Veluwezoom walking route
Discover the rich history of two estates on this walk: Heuven and Beekhuizen. You walk over heather hills, through the forest, past water features and the banks of the Beekhuizen stream. Along the way beautiful viewpoints as well as unexpected vistas. And who knows, maybe you might even look a deer or other animal right in its brown eyes?
This route can be followed without a map; follow the posts with the yellow arrow, starting from the visitor center.

Beekhuizen Keienbergroute
Walk through the paradise-like landscape of the western Veluwezoom to the Keienberg. Enjoy romantic water features, beautiful vistas and waterfalls along the stream. Experience the natural beauty and rich cultural history of the Beekhuizen estate. Hear the birds singing and the splashing sound of the flowing stream. This landscape was formerly called the "Gelders Arcadië". You walk through a hilly landscape to the Keienberg, full of symbols and hidden meanings.There is much to discover!
Mindful Yoga walk - Yoga garden Rheden
Every Tuesday morning from 10 to 11.15 a.m. there is a mindful yoga walk in the beautiful surroundings of Rheden. Would you prefer more inner peace and energy and do you like being outside? Then these walks are for you.
During the walks of approximately 3 km you will be offered opportunities to walk with more attention and to enjoy all the beauty in and around you more intensively. In between the walk, yoga, breathing exercises or attention exercises are done in a quiet place.
Rent and charge bicycles
You can charge electric bicycles for free at your own accommodation or at the reception. Did you not bring a bicycle? Rent a bike at the reception or via Veluwe Actief in Rheden. Veluwe Actief rents bicycles with gear, (electric) Mountain bikes, (electric) tandems, Veluwe scooters, scooters, electric Easystep, Lopifit, Parent & Child-scooter, Parent & Child-Tandem, Fatbike. Veluwe Actief can be reached by telephone; 026 495 55 11 or by e-mail;
Mountain biking (ladies only)
Work on your driving skills together with like-minded people on Ladies Only. The mountain bike world is often a man's world, which means that there is often less attention for the needs of women. Women are often more focused on the environment and the experience of the sport and pay less attention to the technical aspects and achieving high performance.
Buitenplaats Beekhuizen Exploitatie B.V.
The area around Buitenplaats Beekhuizen offers various walking and cycling routes. they are suitable for novice or experienced cyclists and walkers Phone: +31 (0)26 20 20 365 Email:
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