Commitment to conservation of nature

Enjoying nature together and taking the responsibility together to protect it. That is what we stand for. As Buitenplaats Beekhuizen, we want to increase our impact and make a positive contribution to local biodiversity. That is why we are taking big and small steps in sustainability.

Removal of fire bowls and a ban on open fire
This has made us decide to remove the fire bowls from the accommodations and to implement a ban on open fire at the accommodations. In addition to the risk of a wildfire, open fire causes smoke development and the emission of harmful substances. We understand that the campfire at the accommodations will be missed, but with this decision we, together with you as a guest, are taking a big step in taking care of our environment.

Our ambitions for the years to come are: 
- Make Buitenplaats Beekhuizen more sustainable and, as part of this, obtain a Green Key certificate.
- Contribute to hosting the Veluwezoom National Park.
- Expanding cooperation with nature organizations so that our employees can share even more knowledge about nature with you as a guest.

Do you have suggestions on how we can increase our commitment to nature conservation? Let us know and send an email to!

In collaboration with nature organizations such as Natuurmonumenten, we offer interesting and fun excursions that start at our Buitenplaats. Do you want to stay with us? Click below to find the perfect accommodation.

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