Free Wifi in every accommodation and at restaurant WOODZ

For the children

Various natural play areas for children have been realized on the site. Playing in nature is best with water, trees, and as many natural materials as possible.
At Buitenplaats Beekhuizen you will find:
  • A large playground next to restaurant WOODZ, with slide, ropeway, ‘balancing tree’ and stepping stones
  • Water playground with water pump
  • Swing in a large, old tree
  • Board games and outdoor games at the group tent

Traffic-restricted terrain

Spending the night in the National Park is very special: you are staying in the domain of wild boar, roe deer and other game. To guarantee peace on the site, we have opted for a traffic-calmed site. This means that it is not allowed to park cars and motorbikes at the accommodation.
There are 2 central parking areas on the site where motorized vehicles can be parked. Download the map here to view the parking location.
Bicycles may be parked at the accommodation. There are no closed bicycle facilities on site.

Laundry or washing machine?

Are you staying for a longer period or do you have a lot of children's laundry? "De Wasplaats" in Arnhem is a great place to do your laundry.
Have a look here for an overview of the rates.

Do you have other wishes or special requests that are not mentioned at these facilities? Ask us and we will try to arrange it for you!
Buitenplaats Beekhuizen Exploitatie B.V.
There are lots of public facilities that you can use at Buitenplaat Beekhuizen. You can use the free wifi or let your kids play on our playgrounds. Phone: +31 (0)26 20 20 365 Email: info@buitenplaatsbeekhuizen.nl
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